RCHS Online College Fair

Evan Roney, Reporter

Over a hundred institutions are participating in the Virginia Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers virtual college fair this year, as well as a few international schools. The online presentations are essential for delivering information to the students interested in certain colleges. 

The online meetings will be held from September 14th through October 30th, the online meetings are twice a week in the mornings and evenings of both days. The freshman admission panel presentations will be held from November 2nd through November 6th. All presentations will be conducted through StriveScan’s Youtube channel and are in Zoom Webinar format, to watch these you must register two weeks in advance through this URL:, “ http://www.strivescan.com/virginia/ “ 

Students and counselors can all register to watch these meetings and type questions which will be answered at the end. Even if you don’t register ahead of time to watch the meeting, all virtual fairs will be posted on the channel by Strive Scan.