Volleyball Team Takes the Win

Sinthya Cruz-Perez, Reporter

On Oct. 11 the RCHS volleyball team traveled to Harrisonburg. Varsity and Jv both won their games and defeated the Blue Streaks. Varsity won their game 3-0, the first two sets the ‘Cats scored 25 while the Streaks scored 12.  

Jv won with a score of 2-3. In the first set they scored 23-25, second they scored 23-25, and for the last set they scored 15-12, winning the game.

Freshman Brooklyn Beverly shares the way she prepared herself and how she felt during and after.

 “We came together as a team and mentally prepared ourselves and during the game I was nervous and excited, but in the end it was worth it and I felt hot and sweaty and like a winner,” said Beverly.

Freshman Ava Crocker has been playing volleyball for five years.  

“I feel nervous sometimes. It depends on the team, but once I start warming up I feel better. I just have to remind myself that the warm up before the game doesn’t define what’s going to happen during the game. Most of the games though I am confident in myself and teammates,” said Crocker.

“I couldn’t ask for a better group to play with and the highlight of the night was in the third final set and we fought to catch up with Harrisonburg and Maisen sent a set middle that was perfect, and Elsa then smacked it down into the deep corner and we won the game!”

 Sophomore Lily Clark shares the teams goal by saying “Our team goal this year is definitely to make it to states and win states”