OBX Season 3, first big media let down of ‘23

The Lariat

OBX season 3 poster courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) , from IMDB

Eliot McDonald, Reporter

Since the release of Outer Banks on Netflix in 2020, the treasure hunting and drama filled show has been an absolute hit with each season, leaving viewers longing for more. The show comes out with a new season just about every year. This year of 2023 had one of the most hype around its season because of how season 2 ended in 2021. The season ended with the main protagonists also known as the “Pogues” were left stranded on an abandoned island after narrowly escaping a near death situation in the middle of the ocean on an industrial cargo ship. 

Season 3 kicks off months after they land on the island and have made a life for themselves. Many viewers were excited for a change of scenery in the show with season three. To fans’ dismay, the setting of the first episode stays on the island for what seems only to be a couple minutes before they miraculously wave down a plane to rescue them. Personally, I really wanted to see more of the island. It specifically says that they were there for many months so there must have been more things to see or more stories to tell about their time stranded.

Each season has had a main plot that has something to do with lost treasure. Season one was based around finding a lost shipwreck filled with gold, season two was about finding a huge golden and jewel encrusted cross, and season three is based off of a real life legend called El Dorado. El Dorado is a real life myth that tells of a city made completely of gold hidden within the rainforests of South America. It has been the base of many movies and shows so when they reveal this to be the focus of the season, I was a bit put off due to how generic it was.

A large gripe I have with this season is the resurrection of the main character’s father. John B’s father had been dead as far as his son knew for many years so when John B finds his father again they were obviously ecstatic to be back together but as the show progresses “Big John” as he’s known shows his true colors. Big John is often a cold blooded man and shows no mercy to people who challenge him in the quest for treasure. This progression caused many fans (including myself) to begin to dislike the newly re-introduced character.

Finally my biggest problem with the new season is how far fetched it is. A city of gold, a dead father brought back, a couple teenagers finding a lost city of gold, etc. To me it is all just a bit “out there” and yes it does make an interesting watch but unlike past seasons, I was not bouncing off the walls excited to keep watching it. 

OBX has been given the green light for a season 4 by Netflix. If this season comes out like the others then expect a spring time or early summer release in 2024.