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My Life With The Walter Boys Review
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In the beginning of December, a new Netflix show came out titled My Life with the Walter Boys. This show became extremely popular, ranking top ten in the Netflix ratings and gaining millions of views. We binged the show right when it came out, and were surprised by how quickly we became hooked.

My Life with the Walter Boys is about an academically gifted girl, by the name Jackie, who moves to rural Colorado after her parents and sister die in a car accident. She moves into her mothers best friend’s house, which is filled with nine boys and one girl. Through all this chaos, Jackie finds herself torn between dating ex football star Cole Walter, or his younger brother Alex Walter. 

There are many reasons to love this show, one of which includes the tension created between the two brothers. We find it very entertaining to watch as the boys compete for Jackie’s attention, and do embarrassing things to try and get it. A lot of people tend to enjoy watching shows where they have a character to root for, which is why many 

A poll was sent out asking students which of the two Walter brothers they preferred.

fans have classified themselves as either “Team Cole” and “Team Alex”.


After watching all ten episodes of My Life with the Walter Boys, we consider ourselves Team Cole. For us this was an obvious decision. Cole is unpredictable, charming, and the ultimate example of loving through acts of service. He proves this through actions such as driving to pick up Jackie when she gets lost in the woods, buying her lunch, and fixing her dead sister’s teapot. 

Not only is Cole easy to love, but Alex is hard to like. Throughout the whole season Alex constantly lurks anytime Jackie and Cole share a moment with one another. Alex may be book smart, but he quickly becomes clingy and obsessed with Jackie. Not to mention, he is oblivious to the fact that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Paige.  

Although we both enjoyed watching this show, we still had recommendations for what could have made it better. Personally, we would have loved to have seen more scenes with the other siblings in the house. The show is very focused on Cole and Alex, but it would be interesting to expand on the remaining siblings’ plot lines. 

Another aspect of the show we would change would be the season’s ending. After Jackie and Cole share a romantic moment in the garage, she flees back to New York leaving both brothers in shock. This was supposed to be a dramatic cliffhanger, but in reality it felt abrupt and random. Though it did still serve its purpose of making us eager for season two.  

After binge watching season one of My Life with the Walther Boys, we most definitely recommend it. You will quickly become obsessed with the drama, the chaos, and the love triangle. 

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Olivia Hickman, Reporter
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