SCA Plans Fun for All

Maren Jetton, Reporter

The Student Council Administration is making large efforts to inspire more school spirit. In the past, they have noticed that students have not been very excited to be at school, and in general, there is not enough spirit in school. Senior and SCA member Will McClung has been working on encouraging school spirit.

“We are tired of seeing apathetic students who aren’t proud to be a wildcat,” said McClung. “We want everyone to take pride in being a wildcat because that’s more important.”

The sponsor of the SCA, Pamela St.Clair, has been working with the members of the SCA to come up with plans to inspire students at RCHS.

“There is definitely a link between school spirit and performance. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and there are many published papers from several universities that talk about how the more comfortable and happy the students feel at school, the better they will perform academically,” said St.Clair. “Students will miss less days if they like going to school, which is important because, if you miss a day, then you miss a day of instruction in all seven classes. This can make students feel overwhelmed and anxious.” 

The SCA has a lot of upcoming events to raise school spirit and has put a lot of effort into planning and organizing them and making sure they will benefit all of the students who attend RCHS.

“We have plans to have themed dress up days for football, and we are trying to plan more activities that will make the highschool a more pleasant place. For example, we had popsicles at the end of the day. At the football game on Aug. 30 we are going to have activities with the drum majors and cheerleaders, kind of like a pep rally,”said St.Clair. “The cheerleaders will be painting faces after school to prepare people for the game and support the football team.” 

 Though these plans are going to inspire school spirit, there are even more plans to unite the student body and include everyone in the activities, especially new students.

“We have a lot of new students in the school, so we are going to have a new student social, with Sweet Things ice cream. They will be able to introduce themselves to each other and make a lot of friends. Hopefully a lot of new students will join the SCA, so they can get more involved in the school and make new friends that way as well. This will be on Sep. 6,” said St.Clair. “The next event will be Homecoming, which is a huge event. We will try to get new students involved. There will be a fun flag football game on Oct. 17 that will cost five dollars. We will have the girls play in the game, and it will be in the evening.”

The SCA is intending that with these activities and more, they will inspire a lot of school spirit and encourage students to come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn.

“If students are here all the time because school is a place that they want to be, they’ll be more likely to concentrate on their studies and still realize that they can have fun in the process,” said St.Clair.