Josh Wawrzyniak Studies the Modernization of Medicine


Sophia Carlucci

Josh Wawrzyniak looks over some of his medical research.

Sophia Carlucci, Maestro Group Editor

Senior Josh Wawrzyniak is studying innovation and modernization for his independent study this year. This involves a lot of computer research and observing doctors while they work on patients in surgery or just daily check-ups on patients. 

“I hope to truly be engaged in my research, so that my presentation at the end of the semester can be one of the best presentations that I have ever made,” said Wawrzyniak. 

Wawrzyniak is able to see himself working in the medical field in general, but in particular, surgery interests him.

“I think surgeons require precision and performance under high amounts of pressure, which I work well with,” said Wawrzyniak. 

Wawrzyniak also realizes the challenges and hardships that come with pursuing this career. 

“It will take up a lot of my time because there is a lot of schooling required and sometimes doctors have to work very long hours,” said Wawrzyniak. 

Wawyrzyniak finds it interesting to see how our world is evolving through medicine. He will be mentored by Dr. Lyle McClung. He will observe McClung’s work and use his knowledge as a guide for his independent study. 

“While studying to become a doctor, I hope to make findings and connections that change the world some day,” said Wawrzyniak.