Celebrating Seniors From Six Feet Apart


Morgan Slusser, Reporter

Due to online school being the only option for Rockbridge County students, seniors are having an unusual senior year. Without dances, fall sports or clubs being able to meet in person, senior year looks very different on a social scale. Although it can be hard to compare to these normal high school activities, senior Grace Wanovich has a plan to bring some joy to the beginning of this crazy school year.


 With help from the senior class council and administration, Wanovich decided to plan a senior parade to recognize and bring together the class of 2021. 


“Rockbridge County Administration was really willing to make this happen for the class of 2021, they knew how important senior year is and agreed that these students needed something to remember for them,” said Wanovich.


The parade will start at Tractor Supply parking lot and go to the highschool VOTECH parking lot where teachers will be giving them a warm welcome. Students will be encouraged to decorate their cars and wear RCHS colors to show school spirit. The parade will take place on Wednesday, October 14th at 2:30 p.m. 


“I’m excited for the parade because it’s really the first event the seniors are getting this year. I’m hoping that everyone really enjoys what the councils, teachers, and administrators have put together for us. I know all students, especially seniors, are wishing they could be in school this year, so hopefully the parade will get them excited for more events to come!” said Senior Class President; Katie Showalter. 


 This is only one of the many ideas seniors are planning to get people involved. Seniors are working hard to plan other socially distant activities that have yet to be announced in hopes of coming together in these strange times. 


“This was one of our first ideas,” said Wanovich, “and seniors don’t expect it to be the last!”