Disc Golf: Howie Youngdahl


Youngdahl playing Disc Golf

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Senior Howie Youngdahl is currently doing an independent study of Disc Golf. He has been playing Disc Golf for four years and plans to continue playing for his foreseeable future.

Youngdahl’s passion for the game started at a young age, when he had a lack of resolve to stay in any certain subject. The introduction of Disc Golf changed that for him. Youngdahl wanted to do an independent study of Disc Golf so that he could spread his passion to others and introduce them to the sport. In his study, he focuses on particular areas of Disc Golf.

“A typical day for me during Corona is to wake up, do school work, then go outside to play Disc Golf….. And not go back inside,” said Youngdahl. Youngdahl’s favorite part of playing the game is the sound of the disc hitting the chains on the basket. His least favorite part of playing the game is that the only person he has to blame for mistakes is himself. 

“The biggest problems I deal with are mind block and sometimes even confidence,” said Youngdahl.

A common decision Youngdahl makes is choosing which tournaments he wants to play in. He has played in a total of four tournaments and has won all four of them. In order to get ready for tournaments, he gets plenty of sleep and practices putting. He also has a responsibility to stay in shape.

Overall, Youngdahl hopes to gain good memories, knowledge, and money from playing/studying Disc Golf.