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Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Sarah Phelps is currently a junior at RCHS and is immensely enjoying her second year as a reporter for The Prowler. Her favorite pastimes include being painfully oblivious (kidding.. not really), reading one of the books from her excessive collection, writing, and making jewelry. Phelps’s love for writing is what brought her to Journalism, which also sparked many of her passions. Thus, in her pursuit of law enforcement, Phelps realized how much she could help people just by writing articles. Even though she doesn’t take her own advice, Phelps will always be ready to give absolutely amazing advice to others.

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Lexington Coffee Shop in Downtown Lexington

Battle of the Lattes

October 4, 2021
Soccer 2021

Soccer 2021

April 20, 2021
Chaos Walking Review

Chaos Walking Review

March 24, 2021
How to Write a Book

How to Write a Book

March 4, 2021
Hand-made Jewelry

Guide to Jewelry Making

February 11, 2021
Books from Ollies.

Ollie’s Book Review

January 20, 2021
Snowfall from previous year.

Winter Weather 2020-21

December 17, 2020
DexGreen, OogieBoogie-Pumpkin[carving].

Fall Pumpkins

October 27, 2020
One of the signs made to be placed around the county.

SIRPHA in Rockbridge

October 8, 2020
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Sarah Phelps