Student Athletes in the Gym


Sarah Phelps

Wrestling Captains Ezekiel Mohr and Brice Hall talk about practice.

Sarah Phelps, News Editor

During the off-season for student athletes, many go to the gym to maintain muscle, or gain muscle for their sport. The local gym, the Rockbridge Area YMCA, is where most students go after school to workout.

Going to the gym is beneficial for athletes as it builds muscle and it trains the muscle to handle the demands of playing sports.

Senior Brice Hall wrestles and goes to the gym during off-season.

“I go to the gym to get stronger because last year all the matches that I lost were because my opponents were stronger than me,” said Hall.

Hall received a Region title and a District title his junior year, as well as two 4th place medals at States his sophomore and junior year.

“If you are not sure about a sport, just try it and see if you like it,” said Hall. “And the gym is a great place because so many people will help and want you to become stronger.”

Senior Ezekiel Mohr runs cross country and wrestles.

“I play sports because I enjoy staying active and find the team atmosphere very exciting and the main reason I go to the gym is because it helps clear my mind and I enjoy getting stronger,” said Mohr.

For wrestling his freshman year, Mohr placed 1st at Shumaker and 3rd at Districts. For cross country his sophomore year, he made it to Regions with the team. For wrestling his junior year, he placed 1st at Districts, 3rd at Harrisonburg invitational, and 3rd at Shumaker.

“If someone is looking to get into lifting or sports, I’d say go do it,” said Mohr. “Find something that you enjoy doing and do it.” 

To keep up to date with sports, visit the Rockbridge County High School Athletics website or visit their instagram @rockbridgeathletics.