How the Rules of Appalachia TikTok Trend Affects Appalachian Tourism


Bee Sackett, Opinion Editor

There is currently a trend going around on TikTok where people list the “Rules of Appalachia.” The rules are a part of what is called “cryptid culture,” the idea that there are assorted monsters,  and ghouls,  and creatures hiding just out of sight everywhere you go. This trend is intended to scare people, and serves no other purpose. 

These rules often include but are not limited to: Do not go in the woods at night, do not whistle in the woods, do not look in the trees, etc. 

While it is admittedly a fun and entertaining trend, it definitely has its cons as well. In addition to scaring people away from activities that could be very fun, it could quite heavily affect the tourism industry in Appalachia. This is especially problematic because the tourism industry is so big around here.

People come from all over to see the cute little towns, adorable shops, and most importantly, hike the beautiful forests. With this trend gaining the traction it has, the region is treading on thin ice, especially with the attraction that is the Appalachian Trail. 

These TikToks have been going around for quite a while, and I have heard of many “sightings” of these strange and fantastical creatures. While such things could be a draw for some people, the majority will likely be frightened by them, regardless of their unreality. Overall, while this trend is interesting, quirky, and somewhat fun, it definitely does more harm than good.