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Seniors Gear Up for Graduation

Seniors try on their caps and gowns for the first time with their friends. Photo taken by Mary Holton.

As a senior who will be a graduate in just over a week, I know how stressful graduation season is. There is so much going on, and it feels like there is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done. Here is a guide to some of the most important, fun, and exciting tasks that need to be completed for seniors this graduation season. 

Starting off strong and practical, it is important to actually finish high school. It might feel like the year is over, but until you turn in your last assignment and take your last exam, it is important to stay focused. Wait to get the go ahead from all of your teachers before checking out and switching gears to summer and being done with high school. 

After you finish all of your assignments and exams, then you can focus on being done with high school. A great place to start is decorating your graduation cap. This is a way to be creative and share with all those watching at graduation what your plans are after high school, or just something special about yourself. Cap designs should be unique and special to you, so have fun with it!

Senior McKenzie Burch designed her cap before graduation. 

“I designed my cap to be a little over the top,” said Burch, who used the opportunity to express herself in her cap when she walks across the stage. 

Another must is to steam your gown before graduation. It is easy to forget, but no one wants wrinkles in their pictures. As you are picking out your nice outfit, keep an iron or a steamer in mind. If you do not have a steamer, a great life hack is to hang things up in the bathroom while you are in the shower. 

Possibly the most important element to focus on before graduation is saying your goodbyes. Make sure to tell your teachers, administrators, and friends goodbye, and thank them for helping you through your high school career. Contrary to popular belief, high schoolers cannot do everything on their own, and many of us would not be where we are today without our support system within the school. 

Finally, remember that this time is overwhelming for everyone, so it is okay to feel scared and nervous. It is important to mentally prepare yourself for this transition. I am trying to do this by saying goodbye to those who were influential in my school career, and by keeping in mind that there are so many other people going through this now, or who have gone through this transition before, so I am not alone and can reach out if I have any worries or uncertainties. 

Senior Sophie Vaught is getting herself ready to walk across the stage next week. 

“I am just trying to mentally prepare myself to walk across the stage and fully be done with this chapter of my life,” said Vaught. 

It is a major adjustment and change to go from high school to the working or college world, so do not forget to take time to mentally prepare yourself, and remember that it is okay to be nervous! We are all going through this together, and you do not need to have everything figured out right now. Take this transition one step at a time, and enjoy every moment because you are going to want to look back on the fond memories. 

Now it is time to get excited! Steam those gowns, decorate those caps, and give so many final hugs and goodbyes so that you are ready to walk next Thursday, May 23.

RCHS graduating class smiles for a photo in their caps and gowns.
Photo taken by Mary Holton
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