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Bella Fitch

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Students Reflect on Their Favorite Parts of RCHS

Ella Cate Brown
Sophomore Brennen McDaniel spending time with his friends during class.

As summer approaches, students have begun to reflect on their year. They reminisce on their favorite parts about the high school, and the many features the school has to offer. 

Many of these parts enhanced the students memories and are the factors that went into making the school year really special. 

Many popular places inside RCHS include the alcoves, where many students go to hang out with friends, the band room, where many students can express their love for music, or even the cafeteria, where many students enjoy eating and talking with their classmates. 

Not only are these locations some students’ favorite parts, but also the opportunities they are given throughout the year. Teachers, clubs, or even classes can become a highlight of someone’s year. 

The seniors will miss the locations and features of RCHS that were special to them, and the underclassmen will look forward to the following year, when they can spend a part of their school day in these special places while experiencing the opportunities RCHS has to offer.  

Senior Hannah Stephens shares her favorite part of RCHS and also includes why.

“The community and environment that the courtyard has created is something that I will miss. It is a place that we can go to not feel stuck or just have a moment,” said Stephens.

Locations throughout the highschool that can help to provide students with quietness or a moment to themselves are very popular, as many students are stressed and have overwhelmingness because of school. These spots bring comfort and peace to many.

Junior Josie Caldwell shares one thing that she loves about the school.

“My favorite part of high school is getting to see my friends throughout the day. This is because seeing my friends makes my day better,” said Caldwell.

As there are different types of students all throughout the school, some find more happiness and have better days in the socialization aspects of high school. 

The feeling of being able to see friends and talk to them throughout the school day can be comforting for many, especially when they may be having a rough day or need a friends’ kindness to boost their week.

Sophomore Brennen McDaniel shares his favorite part of the high school.

“My favorite part of RCHS is all the CTE classes because they are a fun and different way to learn life skills,” said McDaniel.

CTE classes can help students adapt skills that they may be able to use in their future jobs. They can help teach them aspects of the workforce and help enhance their education and high school experience. 

There are many different places that can help students on a daily basis. Whether they provide peace, happiness, or life skills, they are all important to students while at school. 


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Grace Fleshman
Grace Fleshman, Reporter
Grace Fleshman is a junior and a second-year reporter on this year’s Prowler staff. After learning a lot last year about journalism, she decided to become the news editor. She is ready and excited for this new role. This year she wants to focus on meeting new people, especially freshmen, and expanding her knowledge of newsworthy events at RCHS. In her free time, Fleshman enjoys dancing at the Rockbridge Ballet and hanging out with friends. She is a reporter on the Executive Council SCA, and enjoys attending meetings and planning events to boost school spirit. You can usually find Fleshman listening to music, particularly Taylor Swift, watching a TV show or movie for the 50th time, dancing whenever she is bored, or eating snacks. Fleshman looks forward to continuing writing for the Prowler for her last two high school years and to do well in her other studies through college.  

Ella Cate Brown
Ella Cate Brown, Reporter
Sophomore reporter Ella Cate Brown is very excited to write some awesome articles this year. She has Type one Diabetes and is very proud and open about it. She spends her free time dancing in the Senior Company at The Rockbridge Ballet where she spends most of her afternoons working hard. When she's not dancing, she likes to spend her time either at the racetrack or helping her brother work on his racecar.  Brown also enjoys getting her brother to drive her to Cookout for a late night oreo milkshake. After high school she wants to become an engineer, but only after she finds a way to make her pancreas work again. 

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