Small Pottery Shop in Downtown Lexington Attracts RCHS Students


Sarah Phelps

Photo of the store Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

Out of everything to do in downtown Lexington, many RCHS students and teachers enjoy the pottery that can be found at the store Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery. It is located on Washington Street, so the shop is perfect for teens to easily access, and its location sits right near coffee and ice cream shops, which are popular destinations. 

Since most of the pieces are created by local artists, it allows customers to support a small business and come home with a one-of-a-kind product. The uniqueness of each piece helps ensure customers go home with a piece of pottery that cannot be found anywhere else.   

Tida Dramé, the gallery manager of Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery works at Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery. 

“It is a good place to meet new people,” said Dramé. 

Tourists, locals, and students come to this store, allowing employees to meet different individuals in the community. The store also has a very welcoming atmosphere which attracts customers walking the streets of Lexington.  

“It is a good place to buy gifts for your loved ones,” said Dramé. 

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful gift, the store has many options available. From bowls, mugs, jewelry, and even more types of pottery, there is something for everyone. 

Senior Anna Wilson shares her opinion about the store. 

“I really like all the creative and unique pieces and also the tower of bowties is always super fun to look at,” said Wilson. 

Many RCHS students have stressful school days, and walking downtown with your friends or by yourself can help relieve the pressure of school work. This special store is a must-see if you find yourself downtown or looking for something fun to do. 

Sophomore Elizabeth McCormick visited the pottery shop with her friends. 

“Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery has a lot of different things to look at and the one store is enough for Lexington.” said McCormick. 

Earth, Fire, and Spirit pottery is loved by many RCHS students, and the community because of its variety and uniqueness.