Winter Weather 2020-21


Snowfall from previous year.

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Winter is just around the corner, leading some to wonder how much snow Rockbridge County is expecting this year. As of Dec. 14, the forecast up through next week shows Rockbridge County as having mostly clear weather other than a couple of days which are expected to have light snow and sleet.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this is the long-range weather forecast for Lexington, Va.:

  • Dec. 8-17, showers and flurries
  • Dec. 18-25, periods of rain and snow
  • Dec. 26-31, snow showers

This December is expected to have an average temperature of 35 degrees, which is one degree below the yearly average.

  • Jan. 1-9, snow showers
  • Jan. 10-12, sunny but frigid
  • Jan. 13-17, snow and later, flurries
  • Jan. 18-22, rain to snow
  • Jan. 23-27, rain and snow
  • Jan. 28-31, snow showers

This upcoming January is expected to have an average temperature of 28 degrees, which is two degrees below the yearly average.

The coldest periods are most likely going to be mid to late December and throughout January. Snowfall this year will be below normal, as the snow showers listed will most likely be short or not produce much snow. The period having the most snow will be in March, while April and May are looking to be drier than normal. Weather is never certain, as it can sometimes spontaneously change but it is still possible that Rockbridge County will get a good snowfall this year.