Students Share Love During February

Junior Halina Homiak filling out the Match-o-Matic survey.

Sarah Phelps

Junior Halina Homiak filling out the Match-o-Matic survey.

Sarah Phelps, News Editor

With the first month of the year passing by quickly, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. During this Valentine’s Day week, the Junior Class Council is putting on a returning fundraiser, the Match-o-Matic.

For the fundraiser, students fill out a survey and the answers are sent off to make matches between students within the school. Around Valentine’s Day, the surveys will have been compiled to come out with results designed to each individual person.

Students will be able to buy their Match-o-Matic results and find their matches. It will be three dollars to purchase the Match-o-Matic, but all of the profits made from this Valentine’s fundraiser will go towards the prom coming up in April.

Junior Halina Homiak participated in the Match-o-Matic fundraiser last year.

“It is fun to see who you get; the mystery really gets you,” said Homiak.

Another returning fundraiser, which has not been able to happen since February 2020, is the Latin Club Valentine’s Carnation Sale.

For this fundraiser, students will be able to buy a carnation for $2 during all lunches the week before Valentine’s Day. Students will be able to choose between pink, red, or white carnations and the carnations come with Valentine’s messages in Latin along with an English translation. The flowers will be delivered Tuesday, Feb. 14 during seventh period.

The Horticulture class is also making candy bouquets for Valentine’s Day as a work based enterprise. They are being sold for $25 and it comes with a vase, six large candy bars and mini candy bars in the bottom of the vase. 

The idea for this fundraiser came from another FFA school, and it is another way for everyone to have an opportunity to buy a Valentine’s gift for someone. The money made from this fundraiser will go to the Horticulture class so that they can continue to start more fundraisers. 

Senior Caitlyn Haynes is one of the students helping make the fundraiser happen.

“It’s really fun helping out the community,” said Haynes. “This is like the third fundraiser that we have done for the school this year and we have been able to raise a lot of money.”

The Horticultural class is looking for people to help them with their candy bouquets by donating the following candy bars: Milk Chocolate Hershey’s Bar, Dark Chocolate Hershey’s Bar, Reese’s Cups, Kitkat’s, Twix, and Starbursts. Donations should be dropped off at the main office at RCHS.

The pick up for the candy bouquets will be Feb. 14 at room T-18.

To learn more about these fundraisers, contact Ms. Amanda Grimm, Junior Class Council Sponsor, about Match-o-Matics, Ms. Gwendolyn Gosney, Horticultural class teacher, about the candy bouquets, or Dr. Patrick Bradley, Latin Club Sponsor, about the carnation fundraiser.