Introducing RCHS’ Business Department


Mr. Lenoir

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Rockbridge County High School’s web page describes the Business Department as a path with many career options, but the business environment undergoes rapid changes throughout this year.

For the current academic year, RCHS has brought back Cybersecurity and Accounting. These two classes were not offered the last academic year as a result of a lack of students enrolling. In addition to bringing Cybersecurity and Accounting back, RCHS has added another new class. Students are now able to enroll in a new business department class, Marketing. Other business classes still available to students are Computer Informations Systems, Design, Multimedia & Web Technologies, and Economics and Personal Finance.

Mike Lenoir is one of the teachers in the Business Department and is currently starting his thirty second year of teaching.

“As with any class, I hope students will gain valuable skills and knowledge that will benefit them in their future education and career paths,” said Lenoir.

Another part of the business department, sponsored by Lenoir currently for thirty two years, is Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). 

“FBLA provides students with opportunities to gain leadership skills and to earn recognition and awards for various accomplishments,” said Lenoir.

The organization is ready to resume in-person meetings and is set to have an interesting meeting for everyone on Sept. 8, 2021

“The goal is to hold regular club meetings once per month with guest speakers and other events and activities,” said Lenoir.

Overall, the Business Department has a lot they plan to do for this academic year if COVID-19 allows them. If you are interested in one of the business classes, contact Mr. Lenoir or Mrs. Balkey in the T hallway. If you are interested in FBLA, contact Mr. Lenoir or Mrs. Grimm.