Halloween Fair at RCHS


Anna Wilson celebrating a ring-toss win.

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

On Oct. 23, the National Honor Society organized a Halloween Fair. The Halloween Fair took place in the senior parking lot and lasted from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. National Honor Society, or NHS, is an organization made to bring out service, scholarship, leadership, and character. The purpose of hosting a Halloween Fair is to raise money for Rockbridge Christmas Baskets, a volunteer service that supplies families and homes with toys and food for the holiday season. 

RCHS English teacher and NHS sponsor Stephanie Brooks was a leading organizer of the event. 

“I’m hoping that the kids have fun and the NHS members find this to be a rewarding experience,” said Brooks.

Students were allowed to sign up and help out at the event. Students could either host a trunk-or-treat with their car or work a game booth. Student and NHS member Abigail Brooks volunteered to work a game booth at the event. 

“Being in charge of a game has always been fun for me and being able to do that and see the looks on peoples faces, makes my time there worthwhile,” said Brooks.

Multiple cars were lined up, all the trunks open and ready to give out candy. Every single one of them were decorated as if they were decorated houses as kids went by each one of them to get a handful of candy. There were tables set up, all presenting their own game. Ping Pong Piranhas, Ghoul Busters, Evil Eye Bounce, Spooky Sweeper, and Witch’s Brew Toad Train were some of the games.

“I felt that I made a difference in some children’s day while playing games instead of staying at home all day. I was never bored and it made my day when I got to see the bright smiles on the kids’ faces,” said Abigail Brooks.

NHS is currently looking for more volunteer opportunities. Their plans are to work with Rockbridge Christmas Basket and to be a leading organizer of a future event, Rockbridge County High School’s Lip Sync Battle. If you wish to participate in NHS service opportunities or join NHS, contact Ms. Brooks, at [email protected], or Grace Shaw, at [email protected]