The Drive-In Versus Movie Theater Debate


The Lexington Movie Theater in Downtown Lexington.

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

The issue with watching a new release, that is not on streaming services, is where to watch it. The number of drive-ins are slowly declining, but have recently grown in popularity in smaller cities and towns. So for Rockbridge County, who has both Hull’s Drive-In or Lexington Movie Theater, where should we go to watch new releases?

Rockbridge County’s Hull’s Drive-In is popular among just about everyone and going with a few friends to see a couple movies on the weekend sounds like a fun idea.

One of the major perks of going to a drive-in is that there is the freedom to talk without worrying about other people hearing you, unless you are sitting outside of your vehicle.

Sometimes it is hard to focus on a movie when you are with all of your friends crammed into a car, but the experience is still undeniable. For example, when I went to see the new movie, “Batman,” I was excited for the drive-in, but didn’t pay much attention to the movie because I was cracking jokes the entire time. 

The Drive-In might be the most fun, but what about the people who want to pay more attention to the movie?

One of the major perks of going to the Lexington Movie Theater is that it could eliminate the chances of you losing focus of the movie.

Even going by yourself to the Drive-In would possibly eliminate distractions, but you would still have to worry about if you have to leave your vehicle on, if you can not hear the movie, or if the movie brightness is not high enough to be clear.

To add-on to the downside of going to the Drive-In instead of the Lexington Movie Theater, even though the Drive-In might produce the best experiences, they do not offer movies the exact day they are released. For example, let us say it is a Monday and a popular movie is coming out. You will not be able to watch that movie at the drive-in, so you will have to go to the theater.

If having fun with your friends is the priority, the drive-in would be the best option. If the movie is your priority, the theater would be the best option.