“She-Hulk” Hulks Out on Disney+

Show poster for “She-Hulk” on Disney+.

Photo taken from digitaltrends.com

Show poster for “She-Hulk” on Disney+.

Sarah Phelps, News Editor

The newest Marvel show, “She-Hulk” premiered Aug. 18 and is set to have nine episodes. So far, the show has released eight episodes, has a rating of 4.9 out of 10 on IMDb and has an 87% Rotten Tomatoes score.

I agree with both ratings for the show. I do think “She-Hulk” is a good show with potential, but the writers have not really taken the show anywhere yet. 

For some backstory, I have never been a fan of the Hulk. He had always just been a character that is just… there. So when “She-Hulk” premiered, I was filled with excitement to finally see something newer and most likely more relatable than the movies for the Hulk.

Initially, I loved the show, but after about two episodes, the storyline was stagnant. There were many points in the show where the humor differed from the normal Marvel humor. This humor differed so much that social media jokingly added that it was not “Stan Lee’s vision for the Marvel Universe.” Do not get me wrong, I still enjoyed watching the show and even laughed a few times, but I was bored with the fact that nothing major was happening. 

There was foreshadowing here and there that something was coming, but it is still weird that there had been seven episodes and the biggest problem was an episode-long fight with Titania. I thought everything was coming together for a second when we got to see Daredevil’s mask making an appearance in episode five of the show. 

The cameo was unexpected, and a good surprise for the show. The cameo was also enough for me to get hooked back into the show. The hope is that Matthew Murdock, also known as Daredevil, will show up before the show ends.

The newest episode, “Ribbit and Rip It,” answered all of my prayers. Not only does Matthew Murdock show up, Walters and Murdock go against each other in court AND team up to save someone. The duo ended up sharing plenty of banter that brought a smile to my face, and Marvel was definitely hinting at a romance. I would consider myself a fan of the show “Daredevil” and so this episode definitely helped carry part of my positive opinion for “She-Hulk.” 

Even though “She-Hulk” seemed stagnant for the first few episodes, I liked the humor, relatability, and foreshadowing. The eighth episode was packed full with action that is going to spill over into the finale. If watching television has taught me anything at all, it would be that a lot of things can happen in ten minutes.