Ollie’s Book Review


Books from Ollie’s.

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Ollie’s has a variety of books and sells them for surprisingly low prices. Shopping for books at Ollie’s has always been an escape for me, as I get lost in the sections of books easily. Soon comes the remembrance that it has been two hours when the educational books come into view.

It has always been astonishing that you can buy a 200 page, paper-back book for $2.99 at Ollie’s, whereas somewhere such as Barnes and Noble charges around $16. The reason Ollie’s prices are always so low is because Ollie’s purchases most of their products as closeouts. In short, a closeout is when a manufacturer has excessive amounts of inventory that a regular store does not want anymore. Therefore, Ollie’s buys the products no other store wants for a low price, allowing them to sell the product for cheap and still make a profit. 

There is also the concern of whether Ollie’s sells good books or not but Ollie’s sells a wide variety of books so the customer will hardly have to worry about finding something that they will like. The customer might have to browse for a little while but there is definitely a good book hidden somewhere.

Cons of shopping at Ollie’s for something to read is the way they stock the books. Often while shopping, there are misplaced books, so the only way to know everything the store has is to dig through the rows. Another mishap while shopping for books is finding a book that looks captivating only to find that it is the third installation of the series. Only having the third book of a series drives customers away towards other stores or online shopping unless that third installation just so happens to be what the customer is looking for.

In conclusion, Ollie’s is an extraordinary place to shop for books that are not in a series. Whether it is a short or long novel that the customer is searching for, there is a high possibility that they will find one. The customer just has to keep an eye out so that they do not accidentally buy the second book.