Freshman Student Council


The Freshman Student Council

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

The members of the current 2020-21 Rockbridge Freshman Student Council are freshmen Amiyah McCoy, Nicole Black, Abigail Sperry, Hallie Darmante, Ella Schmidt, and Maddie Dahl. 

The Student Council has yet to set any plans for the school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the return to school being pushed back all the way to January. However, the Council is hoping to plan a Walk-a-Thon fundraiser for sometime in the spring. 

While COVID-19 has proven to be a struggle as far as finding ways to fundraise and better RCHS, the Student Council sees it as a new opportunity to reach people in ways that have not been done so far,” said Darmante.

COVID-19 has had an effect on RCHS and ways of learning but the Freshman Student Council is trying to take action to help their class. Some of the members have their own ideas on what they would like to do concerning school spirit or other focuses to make money and spread positivity.

In the future, I would love for the SCA to sell earrings, charms, keychains, and other small decorations to show our school pride,” said Black.  “I feel that these crafts would be easy enough to produce in larger quantities but also still retain the charm of being homemade.”

Overall, the Council is pleased to see what they can do and is ready to see what this school year brings them even with all the current limitations

“I know we have some of the best students, athletes, and leaders of our school in our Freshman Class,” said McCoy. “I can not wait to see what we do.”