Trivium’s Yearbook Fundraiser at Hull’s Drive In


Photo taken by Emma Brooke of some of the Trivium staff.

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

The Trivium, Rockbridge County High School’s Photojournalism class, hosts an annual fundraiser at Hull’s Drive In to raise money for the yearbook. For the annual showing this last March 5, Hull’s played a short film the Trivium staff put together and followed with a showing of “Shrek.”

  The short film, “Forever After,” followed an RCHS student, Chelsea, played by sophomore Madison Poulsen, going through her day. After being hit in the head during dodgeball, she was deemed to have amnesia by the school nurse, played by senior Braden Hamilton.

After forgetting absolutely everything, Chelsea reads a note in her pocket saying, “Today is the last day.” Confused by the note, she continues on throughout the day. She even forgets who her boyfriend, Trey, is, played by junior Miles Williams, and completely rejects him when he asks her to prom.

By the end of the short film, Chelsea regains all of her memories. Remembering the note in her pocket, she realizes it was the last day to buy the yearbook. Chelsea goes to the Trivium advisor Brian Hamelman’s room, Trivium’s classroom, and orders a yearbook.

The Trivium staff put together this short film in order to raise money for the yearbook as well as to promote the yearbook so that more people could be inclined to buy one.

Junior Emma Brooke was a part of the writing, directing, and editing of the short movie.

The fundraiser is for the Trivium staff and the equipment we use to make it possible. The yearbooks are sold at a loss so fundraisers like these make the program possible. The money goes to all separate aspects of the program,” said Brooke.

Beginning in the fall, the Trivium started planning the fundraiser. The filming of the short film took around a month and Brooke spent around 15 hours editing it as well as adding the final touches.

The event takes about the entire school year, starting in the fall, to form the event. First, the movie has to be chosen, a date, and how we’re going to operate the event. It took some time and definitely required creative expansion. But, I enjoyed the work I was doing so it was worth it,” said Brooke.

Junior Madison Poulsen, who played the main character, worked to promote the yearbook in addition to starring in the film. 

“I would say the fundraiser went extremely well. It was probably the busiest I’ve ever seen the drive-in and the lines were also the longest I’ve ever seen,” said Poulsen.

The fundraiser is intended to make the price of the yearbook low enough for people to be able to afford it.

“The yearbook is something that doesn’t share the memories of just one person, but the entire school. It’s inclusive and tells the stories of the students within. It is something you can treasure forever and relive memories that happened that year. It’s a book that’s fun, informative, and filled with memories,” said Brooke.

The yearbook is a collection of memories that are made throughout the year. To buy a yearbook, see Mr. Hamelman in room 114. All yearbook orders are due by April 8, 2022.