Guide to Jewelry Making


Hand-made Jewelry

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

Making jewelry is an artistic way to spend the afternoons and can easily be a stress relief for others. Hand-made jewelry can also be the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member. In order to start making jewelry, you will need these items:

  • A cord, which comes in different sizes that is important to the types of materials you need to make the necklace or bracelet. The brand I use is Beadnova, which can be bought off of Amazon for $4.99 and has 11 yards. It is a genuine leather cord and is 1.5 mm wide.
  • A selection of beads, which can easily be found at Walmart. Beads also have a certain range of cords that they can fit on, so it is important to make sure that the beads fit the cord before you purchase them.
  • Crimp ends, which are used to end off the cord. A common crimp to use is fold-over crimps which folds over the cord. These can be found at Walmart in the jewelry section.
  • Jump rings, which connect to the crimp ends. These can be found at Walmart in the jewelry section.
  • Hooks, which connect to a jump ring and are the final objects you add to the necklaces or bracelets to finish them off. These can be found at Walmart in the jewelry section.
  • Small jewelry pliers to handle the fold-over crimps and jump rings. These can be found at Walmart in the jewelry section.

After the items needed are at hand, start by cutting the cord to the desired length. It is important to take slightly more cord than needed so that there is enough room to work with. Add the desired pattern and amount of beads to the cord.

After adding the beads, take the fold-over crimp and add it to the end of the cord. Use the jewelry pliers to close the fold-over crimp and repeat on the other end. Once the excess of the cord is cut off, the necklace or bracelet is officially ended off. 

Lastly, the two ends of the necklace or bracelet need to be connected. On one end, open a jump ring using the pliers and connect it to the fold-over crimp which has a small hole to which the ring can connect. After the ring is closed, move on to the other end and use the pliers to open another jump ring. Before attaching it to the fold-over crimp, add a hook to the jump ring. Attach the jump ring with the hook to the fold-over crimp and close the jump ring with the pliers. The final product should be an attachable and detachable necklace or bracelet. In the end, the jewelry should be as desired and can be worn out anywhere.