Battle of the Lattes


Lexington Coffee Shop in Downtown Lexington

Sarah Phelps, Reporter

I have always enjoyed drinking coffee, and it appears that Rockbridge County does as well. As a result of my admiration for coffee, I went to four local shops and reviewed a small iced vanilla latte from each. The four shops I went to are the Lexington Coffee Shop, Pronto Caffé & Gelateria, Lexington Coffee Roasters Roastery & Espresso Bar, and lastly, Sheetz. The way I like my lattes are sweet but leveled out by the bitter espresso, so here are my reviews starting with my favorite.

Immediately when you enter the Lexington Coffee Shop, you are welcomed by the warm fragrance of coffee. The shop is homey, friendly, and the workers are sweet to the point of being able to tell they enjoy making coffee. The atmosphere was like their coffee, amazing. The latte was a tad sweet in the aftertaste but definitely my favorite out of all of the shops. The size is fairly large and is a decent price at $4.96 with tax. The Lexington Coffee Shop is close-by and convenient for those who live downtown. However, coffee drinkers should beware that the shop closes at 5:00 p.m., so be sure to enjoy their coffee in the morning or afternoon.

The Lexington Coffee Roasters Roastery & Espresso Bar is located beside Hull’s Drive In and is roomy, quiet, simple, as well as somewhat empty. Because of its apparent emptiness, however, the cleanliness of the cafe was notable. After a few minutes of what seemed like disorganization, the barista brought my drink over to me once it was ready. To my disappointment, there were lonely pieces of coffee grounds in the latte and it had an exceptionally strong taste with only a little of vanilla to it. Another disappointment was the size of the drink. The size for my latte was one-size only which ended up being pretty small. The price for the one-size latte was $5.51, which exceeded my normal coffee budget of around five dollars. Even though that is the case, their straws are eco-friendly, which is always a plus. Overall, the latte was mediocre and the shop is close to school. However, keep in mind that this shop closes early at 4:30 p.m..

Next up is Pronto Caffé & Gelateria. This shop was a little bare but when you reach the counter, it is very decorated and instantly gives a more homey feeling. The service was quiet and fast, perfect for those who aren’t morning people. The size of the drink was much larger than Lexington Coffee Roasters’ and less expensive at $5.01 with tax. Overall, the latte was lacking in the espresso flavor while the taste of milk was prominent. This shop is second only to Sheetz when it comes to convenience as it is located in the middle of Main Street.

Lastly, there is Sheetz. I decided to review one of their coffee drinks from the screens inside simply because of the popularity it has through RCHS. Its popularity had me excited to try it but Sheetz had the worst iced vanilla latte out of the four places. The latte was sweet to the point of no return. Though Sheetz is the most convenient to everyone, and the price was the lowest out of all the others, $3.46 with tax, it was sadly disappointing. Good availability does not always mean good quality.

If you love to work while drinking coffee and enjoy the homey feeling, then I recommend that the Lexington Coffee Shop is a definite must-go. Lastly, remember to always support local businesses by purchasing goods, buying gift cards, and enjoying their services.