Letter From The Editor


Ella Vaught, Editor-In-Chief

Dear friends, family, and loved ones,

Although these past few years have been difficult, they have been sweet. From walking into school at Freshman Orientation to walking across the stage a few days after you read this, we finally made it. When I first started high school, many seniors warned me that it would fly by. I questioned how four years could go by so quickly. At the time, it seemed impossible for this life to fly by with looming SOLs, AP classes and their tests, and the dreaded college application process. I spent much of freshman year dreaming about college, and as it now feels closer than ever, I now spend much of my time reminiscing on my past four years at this school. Our teachers, friends, and classmates have helped make these years some of the best. It is important to remember that school is not the easiest place to be, so, to those who have struggled in this school, I commend you on making it to this day. To every student in this graduating class, I want you to know that I am proud of you, these four years have not been easy. And now to celebrate. We have made it through these four years of grueling classes, late nights with hours of homework, and schedules filled to the brim with events, class, and work. Those long, grueling hours have paid off. Each and every person in this graduating class is going off to do something big and exciting that will make an impact in our world, and I cannot wait to hear about it. To my fellow Prowler reporters, you all have continued to inspire me everyday. You are some of my most favorite people, and I am forever proud of all of you. Thank you for putting up with my endless ‘Good morning y’all’ and grueling story meetings. I cannot wait to see what you do in the future, whether or not it is in writing or reporting. Thank you for such a fantastic year. I’m thankful to have called this class my peers and this county my home. So, as you look to the future, remember what you have been taught here and look to the future expectantly. For one final time, claws out and go ‘Cats.