Ella Vaught

Ella Vaught, Editor in Chief

Senior Ella Vaught is The Prowler’s 78th Head Managing Editor for the class of 2021-2022. Despite Vaught’s lack in confrontational skills, she is excited to lead The Prowler Staff this year, and maybe even learn to enjoy bossing them around. Outside of class, she is often found doing homework, stressing out about homework, sleeping, or probably enjoying being in a body of water. As a member of the RCHS Swim team, Vaught has learned to love the smell of chlorine and holding her breath for long amounts of time. In addition to homework and swimming, Vaught can be found hanging out with her friends, or at least driving to hang out with her friends, because they all live on the other side of the county. After highschool, Vaught plans on becoming a professional dishwasher due to her time spent at a summer camp where she washed dishes for a month and somehow loved every bit of it. If you see her out and about, ask her about the experience, and you too may have dreams of becoming a professional dishwasher after your conversation. 


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Ella Vaught