Homecoming 2021 Sparkles with New Trends


Mckenzie Hines and her date, Daronde Stores pose for homecoming pictures. Hines wears a long sleeve black dress with white high top Vans.

Ella Vaught, Editor-in-Chief

The views expressed in this article belong to the reporter, and do not reflect the views held by Rockbridge County High School, the Prowler Staff, and its members.

After the first official school dance since schools closed in March of 2020 due to the Coronavirus, Rockbridge County High School’s Homecoming saw new and bold trends.

Much of the traditional outfits were out not only as trends have evolved over the past two years but also as students return to the dance floor for the first time since schools closed. Bright colors, sparkles galore, and the return of the Little Black Dress made a huge comeback this homecoming season. Many people

also opted for more comfortable shoes, instead of the classic high heel, making walking, dancing, and all around the whole night more enjoyable. Exciting jewelry and accessories were also prominent, adding pops of color or extra sparkle to outfits.

Many people danced the night away in a classic Little Black Dress, or LBD as they are often referred to. Dresses were accentuated with ruffles, cutouts, and slits, creating a classy look while staying relevant to the twenty-first century. These dresses were often paired with loud, bold earrings to add a pop of color or sparkle, making the dresses even more exciting. This year senior Mary Denson opted for a black dress.

Denson said, “I went to the Fashion Gallery in Verona and saw it and it just called out to e because it was cute and pretty simple. Not much thought behind it other than I knew it would work with everything!”

People also opted for brightly colored dresses this year. From bright green to hot pink, and shades of orange to vibrant hues of blues, dresses of all colors could be found. Often found in a simpler cut and style, these brightly colored dresses popped in the crowd of black dresses. Junior Rylie Light chose a bright green dress this year.

Light said, “Well my favorite color is green and I was going for Princess Tiana,” she continued saying, “it just seemed like a fun color and like I said I like green.”

In addition to LBDs and vibrant colors, sparkles, glitter, and sequin

s were found everywhere. Many dresses were accentuated with these glittering additions, adding a little sparkle to the Saturday night dance floor. These dresses were often paired with more subtle shoes and accessories, allowing for the dress itself to be the center of attention. 

Finally, many opted for comfort this year in their shoe choice. Partially because of the original plan for RCHS to host homecoming outside, students opted for more comfortable options, such as sneakers and boots, opposed to inches high heels for the dance floor. Many also left their heels at a table as they danced the night away, only to carry them as they returned to their cars as the eventful evening ended. Sophomore Mckenzie Hines opted for high top vans this year for homecoming.

Hines said, “I wore them because I wanted to be comfortable and be different from everyone else.”

Overall, students danced the night away and homecoming was a smashing success. Whether people wore black or bright colors, heels or sneakers, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves at their first school dance since 2019.