Behind the Scenes of Prom 2022


The Junior Class Council discussing Prom plans. From the left: Heidi Schwarzmann, Meg Liwag, Elizabeth McClung, Anna Wilson, and Garrett Stillwell.

Ella Vaught, Editor-in-Chief

This upcoming spring, the Class of 2023 will host the first traditional prom since 2019. In excitement and preparation, the juniors have been planning Prom since Homecoming in October. The process is very long, from deciding the theme to setting up the day before, requiring a lot of organization, planning, and communication among the administration, council, and students. 

Since homecoming, the Junior Class Council has been meeting once a week in order to prepare for prom. Once the council decides on a theme, they swiftly begin planning in order to be as prepared as possible for the night of prom. One of the first steps in planning is setting up fundraisers. 

In October, the junior class SCA held a Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser in school, which is always a big hit. Overall, the fundraiser helped the class raise around $1,000, adding to their budget and funding much of prom. 

Vice President Garrett Stillwell said, “The first one we did was the Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, which was a big hit … Overall, I think all of our fundraisers went well, we are still planning one more, but we still need to finalize some of the details for it.”

After fundraising starts, the council begins planning all of the details for prom. From picking the theme to finding security, there are countless details needed to make prom successful.  The fundraised money goes to multiple different things. Many first think of the decorations, crowns, and the DJ when they think of a budget, but many other things go into that. Security, food, drinks, and even the tickets themselves must be paid for.

“There are a lot of different factors at play, so it’s hard to remember all the little details … Figuring out and planning around the money we have has also been a little tricky,” said class Secretary Anna Wilson. 

“We want to put on the best Prom possible, but there are a lot of little, unexpected costs that sink our budget,” said Stillwell.

Today, the junior class council has announced the theme for the 2022 prom. “The Roaring Twenties,” inspired by the previous decade as well as the current decade, will have a theme based on the excitement of the 1920s. 

Class president Heidi Schwarzmann said, “we chose the twenties as the prom theme because it hasn’t been done at RCHS in over ten years.” Schwarzmann continued, “we all wanted prom to have a classy and elegant feel, and we thought the twenties theme was perfect.”

Outside date forms are now available in the front office in preparation for the dance on April 23. Tickets will go on sale three weeks before and will not be available at the door. 

Schwarzmann and the class council are excited from prom, “we are all super excited to put this together and have it be a great last dance with the seniors.”