Sage Wisdom

Blake Darmante and Kyle Goodbar

The RCHS seniors are graduating in just a few short weeks on May 27. Many seniors are worried about life outside of High School and need advice on what to do once they receive their diploma. Thankfully, several of our wonderful RCHS teachers have shared tips on how to navigate through life after high school. 

David Simms, the creative writing, psychology, and english teacher says, “Live each day as if you have 100 years in front of you and live without regrets.” When asked on how seniors should solve problems out of high school he responded with, “You’re never too old to ask for help. Don’t try to solve all of your problems on your own.” 

Mrs. Knepper, a beloved English Teacher, says “Don’t worry if you aren’t immediately where you want to be. Adult life isn’t as linear as high school.” She also added “Don’t be afraid to seek advice and ask for help.”

Ms. Baucom from the science department advised students that they needed to find ways to push through adversity and find hope.  

“Don’t ever give up, you need to find ways to keep moving forward,” said Baucom. “You can’t see what is ahead, but you just gotta believe that better things are to come. Don’t let anything ever hold you back.”

Another teacher from the English department, Ms. Leadbetter had many words of advice for the senior class. 

 “I would give them the same advice Professor Keating from ‘Dead Poets Society gave his students,’” said Leadbetter. “‘Carpe Diem,’ which means ‘pluck the day.’ However, it is more commonly referred to as ‘seize the day.’ In simpler terms, make the most of every moment in life.”

The teachers at RCHS have always wanted their students to succeed in and outside of school, and these tips on how to tackle the world will surely help. Many seniors will appreciate the advice given, and they are thankful to each and every one of their teachers in helping reach this tremendous milestone.