Deck The Halls


Micah Mayr, Reporter

This year’s spirit week was from October 18th to 21st and was one to remember. The pep rally was like none other, and the football game was a nail-biter, but what made the eventful week so special was the hallway decorations.

This year, the senior class was crowned the winners of the decoration contest. The class of 2023 went above and beyond with their hallway, utilizing the theme of Alien Abduction. Every inch of their hallway was covered with elaborate themes and decorations. To celebrate their hard work and creativity, the seniors were awarded the RCHS spirit stick.

The senior class, however, was not the only group that constructed intricate hallway scenes. The freshman, sophomore, and junior classes all delivered artistic depictions of the intergalactic theme. The freshmen had the task of Constellations, the sophomores did the Milky Way, and the juniors had the theme of The Space Race

The freshman class highlighted the constellation’s arrangement with lights and calk drawings running from the floor to the ceiling. The sophomore class covered every inch of their hallway with hanging planets, lights filling the hall and a decorative representation of the Milky Way.

Sophomore Yussef Azab was proud of his class and their hard work in preparation.

“[Our hallway had] interesting designs and fun execution that include accurate patterns and clean lines,” said Azab.

The junior class worked in their Space Race scene, and it was surely noticeable. The students even put together a 3-Dimensional spaceship, to highlight their theme. The hallway was also decorated with an intricate planet orbital coming out of the wall. The class was recognized for their hard work and diligence but were not awarded as the winners of the contest. 

The seniors took the win through their creative depiction of their theme and the diversity of mediums displayed in their hallway. Lights, streamers, inflatables, neon paintings, and alien cut-outs, all under the theme of Alien Abduction, met students as they strolled through the hallway during Homecoming week. The class was rewarded with the Hallway Decorating Contest, which contributed to their win of the Spirt Stick which they received at the Homecoming football game.