RCHS Hosts Annual Blood Drive


Junior Addie Wright bandages a donor after their donation. Photo by Maxwell Pearson

Maxwell Pearson, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, Jan. 13, RCHS hosted the annual blood drive, for the first time in three years. The Student Council Association (SCA) partnered with the American Red Cross to put on the drive, and considered the event a huge success.

The SCA was tasked with filling 41 spots with students over 16 years of age and faculty members who were willing to give blood for this cause. Donors of all blood-types were welcome, and for many students, this was their first donation. 

Each donor gave at least a pint of blood, to later be used for blood transfusions, surgeries, childbirth, cancer treatments, and blood disorders. Donors were asked to hydrate aggressively the day before and day of the blood drive in order to keep the blood the right viscosity. After each donation, donors were provided with sugary snacks and fluids to prevent side effects such as nausea or passing out. 

The Red Cross provided employees for the medical component of the drive, but the event would not have been made possible without the participation from the school. SCA students volunteered during the event to run the sign-in table and make sure the logistics were running smoothly. 

The school’s Nurse Aide and EMT program also provided students to get hands-on learning experiences and assist with the drive. 

Nurse Aide Teacher Ms. Deborah Wright has prepared her students to help out in what is needed during the drive.

“My Nurse Aide II students assist to check with donors coming in to donate if they have eaten and are well hydrated, one will escort the donor to the donation station and sit with them while they are donating, after donation a student escorts them (arm in arm) to the canteen area where they will elevate their donor’s arm and have something to eat [and] drink,” said Wright.

SCA reporter and Nurse Aide student junior Addie Wright appreciated the experience and hopes to keep this tradition going.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for our RCHS students,” said Wright. “It is nice for students to be willing to undergo the process of donating blood to the Red Cross.”

The SCA is already looking into doing another drive in the spring as a result of the success of this event. For information about donating blood, visit the Red Cross Website.