Students Welcome 2023 With New Year’s Resolutions


Grace Fleshman

Senior Maliyah Hickling writes down her New Year’s Resolutions.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

At the beginning of each year, students create goals or resolutions to improve on. Whether it’s improving your mental health or staying organized, these resolutions help students prepare for their new year.

The resolutions can vary and change depending on the student. Looking forward to achieving the resolution can aid students by providing accomplishment and success.

One example of a popular resolution favored by RCHS students is to try new things. Trying new things helps students branch out and possibly do things out of their comfort zone. In a poll sent out to RCHS, 26 students voted that their New Year’s Resolution was to try new things.

In the poll, exercising more was another popular resolution, which was voted on by 26 students. Exercising is important because it helps reduce stress and it keeps the body and mind healthy. 

Since students’ lives can get stressful sometimes, exercising can be an amazing resolution to add to the list. 

Sophomore Aiden Rogers explained that he wants to start a new sport in the New Year. 

Now that I feel like I have more free time, I would like to try soccer again. I think as long as I practice and do my best, I can achieve this goal,” said Rogers. 

Along with the other resolutions, 39 students from the RCHS student body voted to avoid procrastinating in the New Year. 

Procrastination can be a constant struggle in a student’s life. Saving school work till the last minute is a struggle that is very popular, and at some times, this can be very inconvenient.

To help with this inconvenient issue, getting organized was also a popular resolution in the poll. Organization can help by planning out when students have time and should complete assignments. 

Freshman Summer Hull describes her New Year goal. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to have better time management because I feel like doing my homework as soon as I can will help me get more sleep,” said Hull. 

She also shares how she will achieve this goal or resolution. 

“I hope to achieve this goal by setting reminders on my phone and making sure to take breaks in between to not overwhelm myself, ” said Hull. 

Being present and in the moment is another resolution set by students. 

Senior Maliyah Hickling contributes her goals entering the New Year. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to focus more in the moment. I tend to worry about the future and not live in the moment so I hope, as a senior, I can be present at pretty much all times,” said Hickling. 

All of these resolutions provide students with success and progress. They can help students by giving them hope and happiness going into the New Year.