World Citizens Come Together to Help Türkish and Syrian People in Need


Aid workers atop one of the over 100,000 destroyed buildings in Türkiye. Photo Courtesy of CNN

Bee Sackett, Opinion Editor

On Feb. 6, 2023 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake ravaged the Middle East, with the most affected countries being Türkiye and Syria. Dubbed the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake, after a city in Mediterranean Türkiye, this quake has caused incredible loss of life. With a total death toll of over 46,000, and Türkish deaths alone at 41,020 according to Al Jazeera. it stands to become one of the deadliest earthquakes and aftershock chains in history. It has also caused an estimated $84.1 billion dollars of damage.

The Kahramanmaraş Earthquake is the deadliest earthquake to hit Türkiye since 1939, and the deadliest to hit Syria since 1822. Beyond deaths, tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and belongings. This is where the rest of the world must come in.

Particularly wealthy countries, like China and the United States, must provide financial and material aid to Türkiye and Syria. These efforts are already well on their way, with the U.S. having just announced a 100 million dollar aid plan, and China having dispatched rescue teams and drones to find earthquake survivors. So far at least 105 countries have sent some form of aid to Türkiye and/or Syria. The United Nations is appealing to its member countries for $1.4 billion in aid. 

Not only governments are sending help! Millions of individuals have donated money and supplies to various aid organizations. You can help too, just search anything related to the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake and you will find plenty of foundations, organizations, etc. to which to donate.