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Seniors Speak on What Parts of Rockbridge County They are Going to Miss Most

Students walk to their cars after practicing under a Rockbridge County sunset. Photo taken by Emily Humphreys.

For seniors, graduation is quickly approaching and the time to advance into the next chapter of life is getting close. Moving to a new place is nerve-racking any way you slice it. Some seniors are going coast to coast, and some are staying close to home, but either way they are not going to be experiencing their hometown in the same way they have through their high school careers. 

Personally, I am heading off to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for college. As I head north, I am going to miss the beautiful mountains and scenery that Rockbridge County possesses. I am also going to miss the warm weather throughout the spring, summer, and fall. 

Last, but certainly not least, I am going to miss the quaint downtown Lexington that holds so many memories with my friends and family such as the Christmas Parade, downtown trick-or-treating as a kid that I now watch my siblings enjoy, and the restaurants such as Napa Thai and Don Tequila’s that have been the go-tos when families and friends want to go out to eat! 

Senior Lee Carter is heading to New York next year for college, and they are also going to miss the natural aspects of Rockbridge as they head north. 

“I am going to miss the mild winters, since I am heading to New York for college next year and I will certainly be experiencing harsher winters,” said Carter. “I will also miss the dogwoods and redbuds very dearly. I love Virginia in the spring.”

Carter will also miss parts of downtown Lexington. 

“I will also miss Pronto’s sandwiches and iced chairs. They are a Lexington staple for me,” said Carter. 

Life will look very different without all of these things, however they are not what Carter is going to miss the most. 

“I will miss my family most, honestly,” said Carter, “And my cats!!”

Senior Addie Wright is headed to Radford, Virginia for college, and will no longer be in Lexington every day as she is now. 

“I am going to miss the peacefulness of Lexington,” said Wright, “Especially being downtown at night time. It is a very pretty sight.”

As a tennis player for Rockbridge, Wright spends plenty of her time outside of school at the courts. 

“I am also going to miss the tennis courts at the Country Club, they are just so peaceful,” said Wright. 

Another senior, Jesse Humston, is headed to Rhode Island in the fall for college, and will be seeing a different type of geography each day. 

“I am going to miss taking long drives through the county and seeing the mountains, especially when they all look red and orange in the fall,” said Humston. “I will also miss the ability to easily access nature just by walking outside my house.”

Not only will Humston be leaving behind the scenery of Rockbridge County, he will also be leaving behind his dog. 

“I am going to miss my dog a lot. I just hope he does not miss me too much,” said Humston. 

No matter where seniors are headed after they graduate this May, it will be an adjustment and a change of scenery as well as perspective. Though it is exciting, it is also sad to think about how living in Lexington as a high schooler will be a thing of the past. However, there is still time before life as seniors know it changes forever, so take in the Rockbridge County surroundings, and take advantage of all of the aspects of Lexington while you still can!


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