Technology Becoming Incorporated in the Library


New technology being used in an English 11 class.

Sarah Hennis, Online Newspaper Editor

Throughout the year, the technology team has been making efforts to improve the school. There have been new additions all around the school, but one of the librarians, Amanda Burkes, has been working on several changes in the library.
Burkes has been designing the library’s new digital media lab. They have received several pieces of new equipment, including two new interactive, smart boards from the technology department. The new technology has been adding to the digital media lab, and has helped further Burke’s image of the future of the lab.
“Receiving the two new boards was a really great improvement for the digital media lab. We did not ask for either of them, but they have been a great asset for my vision of the lab,” said Burkes. “The V Boards are great for class lessons, or individual use.”
The library has had the new V Boards for several weeks, and the school has already begun using the boards for several different purposes.
“We have been using the boards in the lab, but other classes and clubs have been using them as well,” said Burkes. “SIRPHA was able to use the lab for their meeting the other night, as well as English classes.”
Several English classes, including Ashlee Payne’s English 11 AP class, have gotten to use the new smart board as well, and teachers have been able to take a new spin on their lessons.
“Borrowing the smart board from the library made the lesson more interesting for the students,” said Payne. “I would love to see more advances like this throughout the school.”
By using the new library technology in AP English classes, the students, such as junior Margaret Branner, get the opportunity for a new kind of learning experience.