A Recap on the State of the Union Address


President Biden brings the crowd to their feet during his State of the Union Address Photo Credit: Saul Loeb

Maxwell Pearson, Online Layout Editor

In light of a dire situation domestically and abroad, Americans across the country tuned in to hear President Biden’s State of the Union Address last Tuesday, March 1. Every president is expected each year to address members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and selected citizens who have shown commendable service, in the House of Representatives Chamber. This year, citizens were eager to hear what the President had to say about the state of our country. 

The address was centered around three main issues that are increasingly prevalent and urgent: inflation rates, COVID-19 restrictions, and the war that is erupting in Ukraine. 

Consumer budgets are being slashed by skyrocketing prices, particularly those in the food, automobile, and gas industries. Inflation rates have increased by 6.1% since the beginning of 2020 and a regression does not seem to be coming quickly. Biden claimed that his “top priority is getting prices under control” by cutting oceanic shipping costs, getting factories back on their feet to increase supply, and above all: to buy American. Biden made sure to stress the importance of buying American goods to all of his viewers.

Since his campaign, President Biden has made his income tax policy very clear. He has promised Americans from the beginning that he will not raise tax rates for any family with an annual income of less than $400,000. Biden strongly backed up this policy with the same promise during his State of the Union Address.

One of the successes of his administration that Biden made sure to celebrate during the speech was the 10% decrease in unemployment over the past two years. His administration has lessened the unemployment benefits to incite returning to work, and increasing job opportunities across the country. 

“It’s nice to return to local stores and see a sufficient number of employees and full capacity of customers,” said sophomore Micah Mayr.

But Biden’s fiscal policies are not the only ones to thank for a return to normalcy in our country. In his address, Biden applauded the CDC and the scientists behind the record-breaking pace for creating, approving, and distributing three COVID-19 vaccines. States are removing their mask mandate while cases and hospitalizations are rapidly decreasing. The State of the Union was the first time that many congressional members have congregated since the beginning of the pandemic, and Biden was quick to applaud this milestone.

With a decrease in cases, the politicians in our country can turn their heads to the daunting situation in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, after years of tension and greed for the country’s natural resources, and influential government. Ukraine is not a territory of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) so the countries who are a part of this pact are not responsible for coming to Ukraine’s aid. Biden did make it clear, however, that this was an injustice and war crime, and that the US would be making changes to our relationship with Russia so that it is clear where our government stands. 

Biden claimed that the armed forces would not be sending troops but aid and resources has been sent to Ukraine while they defend their major cities from air strikes and land attacks. Biden also announced during the address that we will be cutting ties with Russia economically, by shutting down diesel lines to the country and halting trade to hurt their economy and reprimand the country for its vicious behavior.

Junior Anna Wilson is calling RCHS students to action to donate and support the cause as much as possible, as this could have long-lasting effects on our country, state, and city.

“Social media is a powerful source and I encourage students to use platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to share their support as well as share any ways they have found to help those who are suffering,” said Wilson. 

She continued saying,“Simply posting something on your story can have a grand ripple effect and can help more than people think, so I hope we use that to our advantage to help as much as we can to stifle this drastic situation.”

The State of the Union represented diverse groups of people from every political party, gender, and race, which proved to our country that if great minds come together, humans can take down any obstacle thrown at us, whether it’s a pandemic, economic downturn, or international war.