Senior Cats Travel to the Capitol

Mackenzie Mynes, Reporter

In Sept. 2022, it is planned that the seniors at Rockbridge County High School will be traveling to The United States Capitol, Washington D.C., as a kick-off to their final year at the school they have been attending for the past four years. 

The seniors are eligible for the trip, as long as they are in a government class, they are a good representation of Rockbridge County High School, and they turned in the parent permission slip that was due on Sept. 20, with the additional sixty dollar fee to attend the trip. 

This will be the first field trip for many seniors here at Rockbridge County High School since eighth grade, due to COVID-19 regulations, so many students have already signed up. 

Ms. Atlanta Watts, one of the four government teachers at Rockbridge County High School, is in charge of organizing the trip this year.

“We are having to redo the trip a little bit from what we have had to do in the previous few years before COVID-19 hit,” said Mrs. Watts.

When the class of 2023 were eighth graders in 2019, some of them had the opportunity to go to D.C. as a class if they attended Maury River Middle School, so for many students this will not be a new experience. However, on this year’s D.C. trip, the seniors’ freedom will expand as has their age, responsibility, and maturity since the eighth grade D.C trip. 

The seniors will have the opportunity to go into whatever museums they please with less regulations from the teachers chaperoning, as long as they are safe and responsible. This will be a big change as the eighth grade D.C. trip, there were many regulations as to what the students could do.

Many students are excited for the trip. It will be a time for them to celebrate their last year as high school students and be able to spend time with those that they might not get to see anymore after graduation. It will also be a great chance for students to learn about the U.S. Government system and how it functions. 

“I am looking forward to learning more about history through the museums and also having fun with other government students by getting their perspectives and opinions on politics,” said senior Gianna McKeeman who will be attending the trip.

“It’s important for students to go on the trip because it is their government,” said Mrs. Valarie Clay, one of the four government teachers at Rockbridge County High School “and all the things that make us who we are as Americans.”

If seniors are interested in going on the D.C. trip they are highly recommended by administration to turn in the permission slip as soon as possible since there are only 160 seats available on the buses.