A “Locked” Up Problem


This is the locker offered to students at RCHS.

Blake Darmante, Reporter

When I first came to RCHS as a freshman I had this image in my head as to what I thought the lockers would look like. I imagined being able put all sorts of things in my locker such as stickers, books, extra school supplies, lots of snacks, etc. I had also hoped that I would be able to slip handwritten notes into the locker of a special young lady like they do in some of the greatest love movies of all time. My dreams of endless snack space and romantic sticky notes would soon be dashed by the reality of the locker situation at RCHS.

The lockers at RCHS are too small to serve any purpose to students. The school had to spend thousands of dollars to put these lockers in and almost nobody uses them. I can only imagine how many of the schools funds were wasted on the lockers. The lockers at RCHS are not only wasted money, but they are helping to support the common claim that teens have bad backs. How? Students in our county have to carry the majority of their items in their backpack because the locker they have is too small to fit everything the school day demands.

If the school where to buy bigger lockers students would have a safe place to put their belongings. Students could focus their worries towards academics as opposed to the protection of their personal items and teachers would no longer have to store stinky athletic bags in their rooms. Even though the school makes a consistent effort into putting funds into the resources at RCHS there are just some necessities all students deserve to have access to and that includes a locker that can fit their stuff. Just because the lockers at RCHS Highschool are not broken that does not mean they don’t need to be fixed.