Dr Pepper Flavors Fascinate Students


Results from the Dr Pepper poll

Emma Bates, Reporter

Dr Pepper is a soda that was created in the 1950s by a man named Charles Alderton.  According to Charles Alderton was a young pharmacist who worked at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco Texas. When he was making the soda he wanted something that reminded him of walking into the convenient store and smelling all of the different flavors of candy mixing together into something sweet. The first Dr Pepper that was ever sold was sold in Waco Texas in 1885, making Dr Pepper one of the world’s oldest sodas. 

According to Dr Pepper’s website there are 23 different flavors that have stayed through the years. I picked the top 13 flavors off of their website that are currently in most stores to let the students of Rockbridge County rate the different flavors.

The favorite pick throughout some of the students was the classic Dr Pepper sold almost anywhere in the United States. A very close run for second but Dr Pepper & Cream Soda ended up taking the win. Trailing right behind Dr Pepper and Cream Soda is Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. An interesting fact that most people didn’t know is Dr Pepper does not taste the same in Europe. In the United States one main ingredient of Dr Pepper is high fructose corn syrup. 

The least voted on flavors were Dr Pepper Cherry Zero sugar with 2 of the 154 responses, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar and Dr Pepper made with real sugar were both tied with three votes for each.

Freshman McKenna Chittum said “Cherry Dr Pepper is her favorite because it is very yummy.”

Junior Marla Zollman said, “Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is my favorite because it has a strong Cherry flavor and the Vanilla gives it a creamy effect.” 

Out of the 154 responses there were 77 for the regular Dr Pepper. In the end the original beat all of the extra flavors.