Grabinski Saves the Day

Earth Science teacher Aaron Grabinksi enjoys a sip of coffee while teaching his students work on a project.

Earth Science teacher Aaron Grabinksi enjoys a sip of coffee while teaching his students work on a project.

Blake Darmante, Reporter

Last year RCHS’s Earth Science teacher Christopher Bowring retired. Bowring was known for his undying charisma. Bowring has left a legacy here at RCHS. Luckily, the new earth science teacher, Aaron Grabinski, has stepped up to this important position.  

Grabinski has had a long road to becoming a science teacher here at RCHS, but his passion started far before he ever reached Rockbridge County.  

“I always liked picking up rocks when I was little. I liked looking at the rock and seeing what it was made out of,” said Grabinski. “Then I went to Blue Ridge Community College for mechanical design. I figured out that wasn’t for me, so then I changed my subject.” 

In the midst of figuring out what he wanted to do in life, Grabinski worked for another RCHS science teacher, Tami Shomo.

“I took the basic Geology 101 class at Blue Ridge. When I finished, I was a lab assistant for Mrs. Shomo,” said Grabinski. “That’s when I started helping the students there, slowly realized I wanted to be a teacher, and so I switched to Earth Science.”

Earth Science is not the only science Grabinski wants to teach here at RCHS.

“Earth Science does a generalization of a lot of the other sciences and I would like to go into more detail on strictly geology, astronomy, and other cooler sciences that usually aren’t offered,” said Grabinksi. 

When Grainski is not working to make RCHS a better place, he is busy investing time in his students.

“My favorite part is the teacher-student relationships that you develop as a teacher. Being able to advise and help kids what they want to do in their lives,” said Grabinski. “I have heard many horror stories from first year teachers, so I’ve had it a lot easier than others.”

Grabinski hopes to stay at RCHS. 

“I love the environment here at RCHS and I look forward to further getting to know my students and work with my fellow teachers,” said Grabinski. “I have big plans for the science program in the years ahead.”