Quick and Easy Culinary Exploits That Taste Great


Blake Darmante, Broadcast Editor

Some of my greatest culinary exploits have been the result of laziness and a fridge full of leftovers. The following recipes are designed to be simple, easy, and quick to make.  


Recipe #1: “Bachelor-Bites”

My Bachelor-Bites are designed to mimic a childhood favorite of mine, “Cinnabites.” Traditionally, Cinnabites are made with fresh dough, but that creates a problem because cinnamon roll dough takes lots of time to make if done properly. I felt the need to find a hack to put an end to the time consuming process, and my discovery was not what one might expect: leftover hamburger buns. When covered in a spice mixture and baked, it is almost comical how similar leftover buns taste in comparison to real cinnamon roll dough. More than once, I have served these to guests, and they have asked me about my dough (to which I just giggle and say, “That’s a secret”). I call my creation Bachelor-Bites because even a lazy bachelor, such as myself, who has no knowledge of baking, can make this tasty treat. 

Ingredients for the bites

left over hamburger or hot dog buns

cinnamon to taste

sugar to taste


a pinch of salt


Ingredients for the frosting (optional)

cream cheese at least a ¼ of a block (may need more depending on how much frosting you want)

vanilla extract to taste

powdered sugar ¼ cup at a time

milk or nut milk substitute teaspoon at a time


Directions for frosting (optional)

*Disclaimer* I recommend buying premade cinnamon roll frosting for ease. It’s not like this recipe is fancy, but if you have the ingredients to make your own, you can do that as well.

  1. Combine softened cream cheese, vanilla extract, and lemon juice in a bowl. Use a hand or standing mixer to get a smooth and velvety consistency. If mixing by hand, be sure to do so thoroughly until cream cheese is soft, and you can easily work with it. 
  2. Slowly add ¼ cup of powdered sugar to your mixture while stirring.
  3. Add milk one teaspoon at a time. You will need to find the balance between the powdered sugar and the milk. More powdered sugar means a thicker frosting, and more milk means a thinner frosting. A tiny amount of either ingredient goes a long way, so be careful, and add in slow, small amounts. 
  4. Once you have found the correct consistency, taste the frosting for flavor (vanilla and lemon tend to get lost during steps two to three), and adjust to your liking. Set frosting aside for later. 

Directions for bites

  1. ) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. ) On a cutting board, slice buns into cubed-bite-sized pieces. 

3.) In a separate bowl, create your cinnamon mixture (50% cinnamon and 50% sugar with one pinch of salt). 

4.) Next, melt an amount of butter that will be enough to coat the bun pieces you just cut. Melting can be done in the microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring occasionally, or in a pan on the stove-top.

5.) In a large bowl, combine the cubed buns and drizzle with butter. Lightly combine until the buns are glossy and coated. Be careful not to crush the buns, as they will become soggy from the butter and might start to squish. 

6.) Once coated in butter, take the cinnamon mixture and toss it with the  buns. Add as much of the mixture as you like. I prefer my bachelor bites strong, so I go very heavy on the cinnamon mixture.  

7.) On a baking sheet lined with parchment, spread your bites out evenly. 

8.) Sprinkle lightly with more cinnamon, and pop the tray into the oven. Check every five minutes flipping to ensure even baking.

9.) Once golden, remove from the oven.  Top with frosting while the buns are still warm and enjoy. 


Recipe #2:” Ina G” Bagels

If you are looking to satisfy your savory cravings and also eat what feels like a refined horderve, the Ina G Bagel is definitely for you. This recipe was a complete accident turned into a crowd favorite in my home after I set out to make a dish using all the random ingredients in my fridge. I call them Ina G Bagels because they feel so fancy and remind me of something I would see on Barefoot Contessa, hosted by Ina Garten. 




3 slices of salami per bagel 

Cream cheese to taste

Dijon mustard to taste (spicy brown or yellow work in a pinch, but dijon tastes best)

Garlic powder

Onion (raw or preferably pickled) or substitute for dill relish, olives of any kind, or marinated artichokes



  1. Toast your bagel(s) to desired toastiness and set aside.
  2. In a bowl, mix the amount of cream cheese you would normally use for a bagel with the mustard. Adjust ratio to your liking and set aside.  
  3. On medium high heat, cook your salami (3 slices to a bagel), and season both sides with garlic powder. 
  4. Cook salami until crisp. Remove from heat and set aside.
  5. You are now ready to assemble. Take the bagel, and spread it with the cream cheese-mustard mixture. 
  6. Next, add a bed of onion or onion substitute such as relish, olives, or artichokes.
  7. On top of the bagel, cream cheese mixture, and tangy topping, place your three salami slices. 
  8. Enjoy!


This recipe is  versatile, and you can add anything you like. Try adding cheese or consider using deli ham instead of salami. The possibilities are endless. 


I hope you enjoy my quick and easy recipes. Comment down below any thoughts you might have, let me know if you try either of them, or share one of your simple recipes with us!