Rockbridge Hosts Community Festival For All


Community members walk downtown to view all the booths.

Cierra Bolster, Reporter

Rockbridge County hosted an annual Community Festival in downtown Lexington on Aug. 24. The arts and crafts festival ran from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and consisted of many vendors lined along Main Street. RCHS students attended and participated in the festival. Dancers from local organizations and students who participate in clubs were found at booths during the festival. 

Sophomore Lorraine Lilly attended the Rockbridge Community Festival as a dancer for Halestone. 

“I was mostly dancing, but there were a few stalls for school clubs, like Project Connection; I noticed a lot of students there,” said Lilly. 

The event brings together more than 200 people from all over the county. 

“The festival is good for the community because it brings people together that might not have seen each other in a while,” said Lilly. “I think it was successful.”

Art teacher Erin Allen also attended the festival. Allen caught sight of a Halestone Dance Studio booth. 

“A lot of our students were involved with the Halestone dance studio booth and had great performances,” said Allen. 

The Rockbridge Community Festival connects many citizens from all of Rockbridge County through an event full of entertainment and companionship. The event allows people of all ages to both observe and advertise their favorite arts and crafts through businesses all over the county and state. 

Sophomore Irene Abry attended the festival this year.  

“Kids were getting involved in the dunking booth, winning prizes, buying food, watching live music etc.,” said Abry. “It really was a lot of fun.”