RCHS Hosts Senior Picnic


Image from: https://rockbridge.younglife.org

Grace Frascati, Head Managing Editor

As the 2020 to 2021 school year comes to an end, RCHS administrators and staff have begun to plan activities for graduating seniors and other students. These include prom, graduation, and a senior picnic. This year’s senior picnic will take place at the Young Life campus in Goshen, Va. as it would in a standard school year. The picnic, including a provided lunch for students, is scheduled to take place on May 26. Seniors will ride on a school bus to get to and from the event; however, athletes will return on an earlier bus so that they may attend practice. 

Activities at the picnic will take place as they would in a standard school year, although there are some modifications to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines. For example, students must travel in groups of 12 people or less. In addition, students must complete a COVID-19 screening prior to attending. However, students will not be required to quarantine or have a COVID-19 test. Senior Alden Mastin is planning to attend the senior picnic, and she also plans to attend Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. 

“I’m going to the senior picnic because it’s one of the only normal events we will have for our senior year,” said Mastin. “Unfortunately, it’s one of the last times I will see all of my classmates together. I’m very excited to just see everyone and just see what activities and fun stuff the school has planned for all of us.”

The event also provides the opportunity for seniors to get together and discuss their plans for the coming years, whether that be college, the workforce, or trade school. 

“I am looking forward to talking about college with everyone too,” said Mastin. “I’m most excited to just leave Virginia next year and have new experiences with people from all over the country, but the change will definitely be an adjustment.” 

Senior Charlie Smith is another senior who plans to attend the senior picnic this coming week. Smith is planning to attend Whitman College located in Walla Walla, Washington, where his sister, a former RCHS graduate, also attends.

“I am excited to head off to Whitman College this fall,” said Smith. “My sister already goes there, so it will be nice to have someone to help me get through the major adjustment.”

At the Senior picnic, Smith is most excited to partake in the activities and discuss his future plans with classmates.

“I am excited for the activities planned for the event. I have been to the Young Life campus before, and they have things like zip lines, rope swings, and climbing poles,” said Smith. “It will be nice to spend some quality time outside with my fellow classmates before we all go to college.”