“A Night Under The Stars” Prom Recap


Blake Darmante, Broadcast Editor

While many traditions were put on hold this year due to COVID restrictions, Rockbridge County high school (RCHS) was able to host a prom for its students. The event, hosted on May 22nd 2020, was planned by the Junior student council. The Junior council had begun their planning as early as September, but they were met with a number of challenges due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.  At one point in their planning the Council had stepped away from the idea of hosting a prom,  but their sponsors, Mr. Andy Coffey and Ms. Dana Howald were persistent in trying to make this event happen. It wasn’t until after Winter Break that Mr. Coffey announced to the council that there would still be a prom. The Junior class council scrambled to plan out a prom, but they again had issues solidifying decisions such as venues, caters, and capacity limits. To air on the side of caution, advised by the school board, the council had to create an “alternative prom” proposal to ensure the safety of RCHS’ students. This proposal included two time slots for prom (to limit contact between individuals), and no dancing. With the “alternative prom” in place, ticket sales began early the week before prom. Unfortunately, attendance rates were poor and the Junior council was at risk of having to cancel prom. To solve this issue the school board lent their support and graciously agreed to handle all the costs, making it a free to attend event for all students. It was at this point the school also allowed dancing. On the night of prom, students were able to enjoy dancing, a pasta bar, a mechanical bull, yard games, and a photo booth. In traditional prom fashion, all the Seniors were introduced alongside their date or friends. Of all the students that attended, Seniors David Allio and Kaylee Glass were elected Prom King and Queen. The theme/name given to this prom was “A Night Under The Stars.”