A Look Back At The Past


The Seniors take their class photo in their graduation attire

Kinsie Ellis and Grace Shaw

As a class, we began freshman year wide-eyed at orientation. We started to navigate the hallways while worrying about being shoved in lockers during Freshman Fridays and trying to find the “right” T hallway. At football games, we watched from the back of the student section as seniors sang the fight song. Quickly, our first high school dance was upon us and we decorated our first hallway while enjoying the spirit days. We worried about where to buy an outfit and who would ask us to go with them. For the next few months we got a taste of how to manage a heavier class load and balance new-found freedom. We joined sports teams and made friends with upperclassmen. For the remainder of the year, we enjoyed the warmer weather and the prospect of summer on the way. 

In August of 2019, the Class of 2022 returned to RCHS welcomed by a friendly “Mornin’” from Dr. Craft. As the school year kicked off, we realized not only why the freshman get so much grief, but also why everyone forgets the sophomores. Our football team beat PM 62-0 in our annual face-off. Our second spirit week began October 14th. Soon it was time for midterms and Christmas break. We started the new year with the boy’s volleyball tournament on January 24. In March of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 caused an early end to the school year. 

After an extended summer, school started September 9th virtually. For months, we worked on school at home. During this time, juniors were able to create our own schedule and get a taste of what college would look like. On January 18, some students returned to the school wearing masks. Returning to school for two days a week, students began to feel a sense of normalcy. The school hosted an alternative prom which was held outside and was less formal than a regular prom. Powder Puff also returned, alongside sports even though they were in different seasons. Snow fell at football games and cheerleaders wore masks on the sidelines while other sports had limited spectators. The end of the year led to a hope for an even more normal senior year. 

As the entire class of 2022 started their ascent towards adulthood, they were faced with 8 hour days and 7 am alarms for the first time since getting their licenses. The first day of school was spent reacquainting ourselves with old friends and new faculty behind masked smiles. Our Rockbridge County Wildcat football team began preparing for their last victory over the Fighting Blues. The senior players were able to rise to the top one last final time as the crowd threw baby powder in the air. The senior class began preparing for battle to win the coveted spirit stick. After clawing their way to the top, the Seniors came out victorious. Dr. Craft crowned Ella Vaught and Austin Higgins Homecoming royalty while the football team took Spotswood down.

We have also been able to experience many victories in various clubs like the Forensics and Academic team. As the Second Semester started, we understood what senioritis truly felt like. Many of us spent the early months of 2022 scrambling to finish application deadlines. As a class, we were able to experience our first full spring semester since freshman year. In February, the Prowler Staff put on the Talent Show. Students were able to display their unique gifts while being cheered on by their peers. The end of the mask mandate allowed for our Ninth Annual Lip Sync Battle to take place. Many teams, clubs, and duos began preparing to show off their lip sync and dancing abilities. After this, the Senior girls and their coaches began planning and practicing to redeem themselves at the Powder Puff Game. The Juniors put up a good fight, but the Seniors came out victorious with Clara Fleshman gaining the winning touchdown. The whole senior class was able to come together to experience this victory and stormed the field. That weekend, we had our first and final prom. Kyle Goodbar and Cara Martino were crowned our Prom Royalty. We then stopped by after prom to battle our friends in the bouncy house and see who could stay on the bull the longest. With three weeks left of highschool senioritis is in full effect, we look forward to the senior picnic, Busch Gardens, graduation, and the future. As we venture into our adult lives we will always be Wildcats at heart.