Students Sparkle up the School with New Class Rings


Faith Mohr

One of the many class ring designs students can buy.

Faith Mohr, Reporter

The Class Ring Ceremony was held for students to receive their rings on Oct. 6 in the auditorium. Of the 223 juniors who had the opportunity to order class rings, only 26 chose to do so this year. Out of those 26 who ordered, only 9 were present at the ring ceremony.

Class ring purchases come in waves. Some years, it is very popular and many students purchase a class ring. There are other years that the class does not have as many purchases.

Students who decide to buy a class ring are able to design it however they want. When class rings were originally created, they were based on seal or signet rings that the ancient Egyptians wore for their whole lives and after their death as well. 

Now, there are different metals, styles, and colors each student can choose from. Students can also add an engraving if they would like to.

Mrs. Joan Coffey, Registrar in the guidance office talks about the class ring trend. 

“Receiving a class ring was a big deal, students ordered the standard class ring because you did not have a choice. Most would order the school color or their birthstone, it was a personal choice,” said Coffey.

Students would wear their class ring where the insignia faces the wearer until graduation. As a student graduates, they are to turn their class ring around to face outwards. This symbolizes that the student has officially graduated and is now onto more in the world outside of high school.

There is a very big difference between how popular class rings used to be and how they are now. 30-40 years ago, it was considered a very big deal for a student to purchase a class ring.

Having a class ring was to showcase all of a student’s accomplishments and to convey the student’s personality. Then and now, rings include a student’s school activities, sports, interests, etc.

If there was a couple, often the boy would wear the girl’s class ring around his neck and the girl would wear the boy’s class ring on her finger. 

Ms. Michelle Kirby is one of RCHS’s guidance counselors. 

“Now, girlfriends steal their boyfriend’s sweatshirts, for us it was you traded class rings. He wore mine around his neck and I wore his around my finger,” said Kirby.

Based on this year’s lack of sales, buying a school ring is not as popular as it used to be, but the school still gives the option to students who desire it. The school celebrates and has a ceremony every year for those who decide to purchase.

The change has been very large within the past 20-30 years, many students do not choose to purchase a class ring now. The importance of the ring to students themselves has changed since then.