Talent Show 2022 Recap


Pictures from the RCHS Talent Show taken by Parizad Irani.

Blake Darmante, Broadcast Editor

On Feb. 25, the 2022 annual Rockbridge County High School (RCHS) Prowler Talent Show took place. The theme of the show was modeled after “Saturday Night Live” which the Prowler staff rebranded as “Caturday Night Live” in honor of the school mascot. Attendance reached close to 300 members comprising community members, faculty, and the student body. Tickets sales came in at 256 total and the profits from the night and all related sales reached $2,010.53 for the Prowler staff. 

Coming in first place with a dance routine to a mashup of songs were juniors Anna Wilson and Alexis Henk. Henk reported that the win was a surprise.

“I was very shocked we had won,” said Henk. “It was really a special surprise.”

When asked about next year, Henk said she was not sure if she and Wilson would compete again.

“We’ll just have to wait and see,” said Henk.

 In second place was junior James Baker on the saxophone covering Freddie Hubbard’s “Red Clay.” Baker was last year’s first place champion and he remembers how different it was to compete then.

“I’m used to performing on stage so I preferred being in person as opposed to last year when I was just playing my sax for the camera,” said Baker.  

Baker plans to return in next year’s competition.

“I will definitely be back again for next year,” said Baker. 

Third place was freshman Liam Courtney-Collins with magic card tricks.

The final award handed out on the night of the show was “People’s Choice.” This award was bestowed to freshman Nic Faulds with his presentation of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” which Faulds sang at twice the normal tempo. 

“It was really exciting to win People’s Choice because even though I did not place for the top three prizes, winning that reassured me that the crowd enjoyed my act,” said Faulds. 

Faulds reports that he is “maybe going to return next year” for another performance. 

The Prowler would like to thank their many sponsors as well as the RCHS teachers and faculty for helping make the event a success. The Prowler looks forward to hosting another Talent Show in the future and will use the money to strategically grow the program.