ESU-NSC Monologues Light Up The Stage


Reagan Woody

From left to right, Seniors Grey Hackman, Ren Price, Anna Wilson, and Grace Fure deliver monologues during the 2022 ESU-NSC school contest.

Reagan Woody, Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 30th, the RCHS English department held a school-wide competition of the English-Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare Competition (ESU-NSC). A total of four seniors competed in the competition, and each student was required to memorize and perform one monologue from a Shakespeare play. After the final scores were tallied, senior Anna Wilson came in first place after performing a monologue from As You Like It. Senior Grace Fure came in second place after performing a monologue from Romeo and Juliet. Other contestants such as senior Grey Hackman performed a monologue from Macbeth, and senior Ren Price performed a monologue from The Merchant of Venice. 

1st place winner Anna Wilson said, “I think it is [important students learn Shakespeare] because it has a lot of roots in theater and literature,” Wilson continued, “I feel like it really helps with acting, and finding that character development and being able to understand [the play.]” 

Retired RCHS theater teacher Mrs. Linda Gorman, who was one of four judges during the competition, shares her thoughts about the Shakespeare competition. 

“The Shakespeare competition I have always felt is a really important thing for the school,” said Gorman. Gorman continued, “For my kids when I was teaching, it did build their confidence getting up there and I think that is the biggest thing: getting up there and building confidence.” 

Gorman continued on by stressing the importance of Shakespeare in classrooms. 

“Shakespeare of course is just one of the most prolific writers and one of the most important writers of our time,” said Gorman. “So knowing Shakespeare and understanding Shakespeare I think is just great. On top of that, just performing it in front of people gives somebody more confidence.” 

Senior Anna Wilson will continue on to the ESU-NSC Regional Competition on Jan. 22. Contestants in this competition are required to memorize and deliver a sonnet to a group of judges.