Spiking Into the Season


The volleyball team huddles up before the game.

Adam Elrod, Reporter

The volleyball team emerged victorious with a win against Fort Defiance to start the season off this year. There are a lot of new players this year, hoping to prove their abilities. 

Senior Meredith Lawhorne has played for the team for four years.

 “The start of the season was a little rocky with the new players, getting to know them and how they play,” said Lawhorn.

The results of the season are up in the air, with a lot of new players coming in and younger players starting on varsity. The coach provides team building activities that are constantly benefiting the team. 

“The rest of the season will be interesting due to our team building activities. I hope to see us go far,” said Lawhorne

Sophomore Grace Cauley has been playing volleyball for three years.

“The beginning of the season was kind of a rocky start with all the new people and us getting used to each other.” said Cauley. “We bonded very quickly and very well though.”

Most of the players have a bright outlook on the upcoming season. 

“I hope that we will go as far as did last year and hopefully even farther than that. If we work really hard and focus we will be able to do that,” said Cauley. 

If the ‘cats keep their eyes on the prize and stay focused through the season, there is no telling how far they will go. There is an energy to succeed coming from the ‘Cats this year. The ‘Cats will need to keep that energy through the year to win the state finals. 

“I’m excited for the new season and where it will take us,” said Cauley.